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The Members Area has been changed as part of our ongoing effort to upgrade and improve the Past Pupils Website. We have decided to remove the Forum and to simply facilitate bilateral contact between individual past pupils who want to get in touch. Therefore, the process of Registration will result in a slightly different outcome.


If you have not registered before, please click here and follow the self-explanatory instructions that follow.


You have complete control over what you want or do not want to show to other Past Pupils who have already registered and been approved by the Administrator of the Site.


1. When you are approved by the Administrator, you will receive an e-mail with an activation code that you must enter before you can log in.


2. Once this is performed, you will be directed to the members list and will be able to access the members list when you login with your username and password.


Please Note: your membership must be activated within 10 Days, or your details may be deleted.


You will be able to login to edit/change the original information you sent with your Registration email e.g. when you change house or career. Possibly more importantly, it allows you search for other past pupils you may have lost contact with, or check to see who is living in your area, or what other past pupils are working in your area of expertise e.g. finance or aviation or law.


I'm sure you will agree the social and networking potential of our amended website is very significant but that potential is best enhanced by the numbers that register and are accessible to all others.


It takes only a few moments; why don't you join us now!