About Us

The Gormanston College Past Pupils Union began in 1953,  but after the untimely death of Fr. Robert Doyle (Fr. Bob) in 1998, it remained inactive for a number of years.  In 2003 an effort was made to give it new life.  The effort bore fruit with a very successful dinner on March 5th, 2004, and an equally successful AGM on March 30th.  New officers and a committee were elected. (cf. Union Officers).

The Past Pupils Union has a number of valuable functions. It is primarily a structure which helps past students to continue to be in touch with one another.  This can be done by arranging various functions during the year, when past students can meet.  Some of these might be events which take place in the College itself, thereby maintaining contact with the school too.  These may include sports fixtures (golf, swimming, tennis, etc.), or activities which celebrate some special occasion.  Or the events might be elsewhere, to include dinners, dances, outings of one kind or another.

Our new website, of course, offers another, exciting, new way of maintaining contact.  We hope that past pupils will access the members forum on the website and thus be enabled to "chat" with one another.

We hope this website can not only help this new beginning for the PPU, but also be an effective instrument in helping it get stronger and more active.  Your participation with the website, by way of suggestions or by updating or correcting data will be much appreciated.

Other valid reasons for having an active Past Pupils Union include