Past Pupils Newsletter October 2009.

Greetings, Past Pupils


At the October meeting of the Governing Body of the PPU, held on the 6th of October, the members present felt that, in the light of the present economic climate, we should be doing something more for our past pupils, especially those who may be in need at this time.


To that end the Union felt that while financial help was one aspect, there was another source of assistance which the Union could make available, which perhaps could assist even more during these difficult times.


With well over 5,000 past pupils on the register, with a broad spectrum of expertise in many areas, the potential exists for an advisory / mentoring service which could be called upon by any past pupil at any time,  and this may be just what is necessary to help a past pupil cope with a difficult situation. To make this work, a panel of volunteer advisers is to be set up and those past pupils who wish to make their expertise available, for however short a period of time, should submit their names, together with details of their areas of expertise, for inclusion on the panel.


It was felt that past pupils seeking help, would do so through a central area, which in turn would identify the most suitable person on the panel to refer them to.


The Governing Body hopes to put this service in place over the coming months, and as soon as possible. In the meantime we look forward to hearing from all volunteer advisers willing to assist in the programme.


Yours Sincerely


The Governing Body